Talk to me! Developing Speaking Skills with Teens

To learn English is to be equipped to go into the world with a global communication skill, and yet one of the biggest challenges for secondary teachers is getting students to talk. There can be all sorts of reasons why they do not engage easily in speaking activities, and not just because they might be shy. Nor should we blame their teen development too much either, because young adults are fun, playful, curious, creative and full of opinions! So we need to harness these qualities, build rapport, provide a supportive environment, scaffold the tasks, allow them some freedom and motivate them with high interest topics. This session looks at what can get in the way of a motivation to speak, and ideas to use and adapt coursebook materials to bring out the best in teen learners and get them talking!


Andy Cowle

Andy Cowle has been in ELT publishing and training for 30 years, having worked in over 40 countries with thousands of teachers. Starting out as a graduate of German and English Linguistics and an English language teacher in the UK and Germany, and passionate about creative use of ELT materials and motivating teaching professionals, Andy is known for enthusiastic and practical talks, encouraging teachers to try new ideas and connect language learning with the real world. He is also a writer and international speaker, giving workshops, talks and webinars on many areas of ELT. He especially enjoys sharing ideas on Extensive Reading, storytelling and using film and images in foreign language education.
Andy grew up near Liverpool, England, and now lives in Glasgow with his family, films, film books and his two guitars! He loves travel, film studies, photography, comedy and playing rock ‘n’ roll and blues music. He loves Italian food and wine and misses being in Italy to indulge!

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